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Click on the picture of the above home and let your imagination run free. We can design and furnish you a complete custom African furnished home with quality custom Furniture made in Africa and shipped to your home in America.

Click on picture to learn about our women custom African outfits.

Fashion shows
Family Reunions

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We can custom tailor any item!!

Greek Items

Michelle Obama Looks great in our African Designs click on picture

Video of the Items we made for Actor Wesley Snipes. Cick on picture to see Video.
We made this African Style Tux for President Obama that was accepted by the White House click on picture to see Video for details

Rich People and Celebrities have Designers to create things what about you? We are an African Import Store where we bring the world of  personal design to you. Enter our website to learn more.

We made this African Carving for the late Grammy, Emmy winner, singer song writer Isaac Hayes. We can make a custom African Carving for you, your family or business. This is a great way to preserve your family history. Click on the above picture to learn how we can make a carving for you.
Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen Recognize the efforts of African Importer and Designer           Anthony "Amp" Elmore on the Floor of Congress.   Click on Picture to see Video.
Anthony "Amp" Elmore has a plan for a 21st Century Africa. He presented this plan to Chicago Congressman Bobby Rush. Click on picture to see a 21 minute Video.
There are ways to improve our lives in America and also to help build Africa. We made this carving in Kenya for Black Enterprise Founder Earl Graves. Click on the picture to learn how we can serve you.
A national story was written about Anthony "Amp" Elmore and Elmore African Imports. Click on logo to read the story.

Our Video Intro
to African Style

Join us for our 2012 Safari group tour of Ethiopia and Kenya. We will do Ghana in 2013. Click on the Ethiopian Jet for more details.

Click on picture see the lastest print designs choose the style and let us make a garment for you.

President Obama looks great in a Kente Tuxedo Click on above  Picture

President Barack Obama in Gold Mudcloth Tuxedo